Alma Vivens creates a range of sleep and lifestyle products that uniquely blend cutting-edge gel technology with high-end designs to provide the ultimate in comfort and attention to everyone’s needs. Alma Vivens uses Smartgel® polyurethane material without plasticizers to reduce pain and discomfort during sleep, improving circulation and oxygenation of skin tissues. SMARTGEL® is a soft touch gel, comfortable, solid and liquid at the same time. It was first developed in the medical field and is now used in a wide range of wellness products.

We offer a select range of products that span night and day, work and play, home and travel, all carefully chosen according to our core values. The advantages of Alma Vivens – Ergonomic support – Pressure Relief – Adaptive Smartgel® surface design – Memory foam base – Hypo-allergenic – Luxurious fabric covers (28% Micro Tencel 72% Polyester) fine yarns – 2 years warranty – 100% made in Italy ALMA VIVENS imagines and promotes a conscious lifestyle that provides balance and harmony to our customers and their community.